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Are you seeking a technique to read WhatsApp messages on your partner’s phone? You might also be concerned about parents who want to know whether their children are safe online. In any case, we’ll show you how to spy on WhatsApp chats without using the target phone in a few simple steps.

Yes. Without a target phone, it is possible to eavesdrop on WhatsApp communications. Despite the fact that WhatsApp cannot be used on two phones at the same time, hackers may easily access all of your messages, even private ones, if they register your phone number on a different device. Hackers may view your WhatsApp chat from anywhere on the globe by scanning your QR code.

The Justifications for Monitoring Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

There are a variety of reasons why someone would contemplate spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages. One of them may be stopping your children from falling prey to the online dangers lurking on WhatsApp. Anyone, even predators, may use WhatsApp since it is available to anyone.

Many large firms have also put tracking software on the mobile devices of their staff. They want to make sure their workers aren’t wasting time on WhatsApp talking to pals during business hours or leaking critical corporate information to a third party.

Some of them may desire to spy on their relationships, which is another reason to spy on WhatsApp chats without downloading the app on the target phone.

How to Use SPY24 to Spy on Whatsapp Messages Without a Target Phone

SPY24 is a must-have app for parents who wish to monitor their children’s smartphone use and safeguard them from online dangers and unwanted exposure. SPY24 has more than five years of in-depth knowledge and practical expertise in security problems to satisfy the demands of its clients. Their customer support service is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any inquiries or provide emergency help to consumers.

SPY24 enables you to

On both Android and iOS, you can monitor WhatsApp activities.
Look at the messages on WhatsApp.
From another device, access the monitored messages.
Make a note of the date and hour of each communication.

SPY24’s features

Websites are being blocked.
Examining text messages
Using timestamps and bookmarks, you can keep track of your website’s history.
All call records are accessible, and calls may be restricted.
I’m checking my SMS.
Getting to the calendar.
using a GPS tracker to monitor the position.
View the contact information.
View all downloaded, shared and stored material.
Geo-Fencing is a kind of geotechnical fencing.
Apps may be accessed and blocked.
Examine your email.
Monitor social media applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Twitter, and Facebook, among others.

Step-by-step instructions for spying on WhatsApp chats without the target phone using SPY24:

2021: How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Using the Target Phone
2021: How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Using the Target Phone

Step 1: Purchase a SPY24 membership.

Setting up an account: After you’ve acquired a membership, you’ll need to set up an account with SPY24. A valid email address must be provided because the installation instructions will be delivered via email. The company’s terms and conditions, as well as its privacy policy, must be accepted.
How to use SPY24-2 to spy on Whatsapp messages without the target phone

ii. Choose an operating system: The operating system must be chosen based on whether one is using iOS or Android.
how to use SPY24-3 to spy on Whatsapp messages without the target phone

iii. Package selection: SPY24 offers two different packages: basic and premium. A bundle may be chosen based on the requirements.
how to use SPY24-4 to spy on Whatsapp messages without the target phone

iv. Concluding the purchase: After the needed package has been chosen and payment has been completed, SPY24 will send a confirmation email with the order information. It includes a link to the control panel, as well as a login and password. With the aid of the control panel, the app must be installed.

Step 2: Disable yourself by playing Protect.
how to use SPY24-5 to spy on Whatsapp messages without the target phone

The target device’s play protects must be deactivated before SPY24 can be installed. The following procedures must be followed:

Select Play Store from the drop-down menu and press the menu button.
Keep an eye out for play protect.
Disable the security threat scan by tapping on the setting.

Step 3: Get the SPY24 installer

Open your browser and paste the URL from the email into the address bar.
Follow the instructions outlined below and wait for the app to download. Then choose open.

Installation of SPY24 (Step 4)
how to use SPY24-6 to spy on whatsapp messages without the target phone

Accept the license of the agreement by checking the box.
Allow all permissions that are requested.
Press the Finishnish installation button after entering the registration code that was supplied to viaough email.

Step 5: Start monitoring

Enter the target’s device data in the control panel to begin tracking. These are the phone’s phone number, model, and manufacturer. You are prepared to monitor / spy on the target individual’s texts and phone conversations. The answer to the issue of how to spy on WhatsApp chats without the target phone is given below.
How to Freely Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Using the Target Phone

If you want to learn how to spy on WhatsApp messages without using a target phone, just follow the steps outlined below.
Without Installing Anything, You Can Monitor WhatsApp Messages WhatsApp Web-1 may be used to spy on whatsapp communications.

To use the WhatsApp web to spy on other people’s WhatsApp communications, you need to have access to their phone for at least a few minutes.

  1. Gain access to the device used by the target.
  2. Select the Whatsapp menu option.
    WhatsApp Web-2 may be used to spy on whatsapp communications.
  3. Scan the target device’s QR code with any of your devices to have access to the whole WhatsApp conversation.


The main constraint is that we must have physical access to the target’s device.
There’s a good possibility the target is aware that their communications are being viewed somewhere else.
Another significant disadvantage is that the gadget must be in close proximity to the hacker, which is not always practicable.

Using Mac Spoofing to Spy on WhatsApp Messages

One of the most time-consuming techniques of stealing WhatsApp conversations is Mac spoofing. The difficulty level is also high, since a person must have sufficient understanding of the subject.
how to use Mac Spoofing to spy on whatsapp messages

A step-by-step approach to Spying on Whatsapp Messages using Mac Spoofing:

It is necessary to remove Whatsapp.
Obtain the MAC address of the target’s phone by gaining access to it.
Get your phone’s MAC address.
Install the spoofing app on your device. Install Wifi parody or MAC daddy if the phone is iOS, and terminal emulator or busybox if the phone is Android.
After that, use the spoofing software to modify the target phone’s MAC address.
Reinstall WhatsApp on your phone (the hacker’s phone) and input the target’s phone number.
Enter the verification code into your phone after it is received on the target’s phone.
The target messages may now be read.


The main constraint is that one must have access to the target’s phone for a period of time, which may not always be achievable.
How to Protect Yourself from Spying on WhatsApp Messages Without Using a Target Phone

To prevent WhatsApp communications from being spied on, we must first determine if they are being spied on. The following are some of the signs that the phone has been hacked:

The phone suddenly vibrates or produces strange sounds.
The battery in your phone is soon depleted.
The phone becomes unusually heated.
Whatapp regularly hangs.

Steps to take to avoid eavesdropping on WhatsApp communications without access to the target phone:

Only use WhatsApp’s official app.
Keep the app up to current at all times.
Make use of the two-step verification procedure.
Make use of the screen lock feature.
Protect not just the phone, but also the backup conversation.
If you’re utilizing a public system, use the Whatsapp web carefully and don’t leave it open.
If you lose your phone, turn off WhatsApp.
Access to the profile photo for download should be limited.


These are a few ways to spy on WhatsApp chats without having access to the target phone. The best option is to use SPY24, but it is expensive and does not appear on the phone’s home screen or in the applications list. MAC spoofing requires a high level of technical understanding and is prohibited in certain places, thus it is not advised for everyone. If we have the target’s phone, the simplest option would be to use Whatsapp online. Furthermore, rather than hacking unlawfully, it is advised to follow the white hacker path.