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Nowadays, there are a plethora of parental control applications available on the market, and for good reason. According to research, children are increasingly spending their evenings surfing the internet rather than playing hide and seek on the streets, according to research. 

As a result, it becomes absolutely necessary for parents to monitor their children’s internet activity in order to ensure that they are safe. And it is for this reason that parental control monitoring and spying apps, such as SPY24, are becoming increasingly popular. 

When it comes to remote monitoring applications, SPY24 is a well-known brand. Recently, we were given the opportunity to test this app, and to be completely honest, we dug right down to its very core to determine whether or not it is worthy of its illustrious reputation. 

And, to a certain extent, it does live up to its billing as well. Having said that, there is a lot to learn about this app before you can actually use it in your daily life. And in this review of SPY24, we’ll try to shed some light on the situations where it’s necessary. 

Allow us to don our review hats and get started right away. Don’t forget to take advantage of the special 15 percent SPY24 discount code reserved exclusively for mobile-tracker users, which will be revealed at the conclusion of this review. 

We’ve divided our entire review of SPY24 into a few sub-sections to ensure that you understand everything about this tracking application. There is no need to go through them all; if you only want to learn about a specific topic, you can skip straight to that section. 

A SPY24 Exclusive Discount Coupon for 2022 and a SPY24 Review for 2022
A SPY24 Exclusive Discount Coupon for 2022 and a SPY24 Review for 2022


Before doing anything else, every user should read through the section on compatibility first. Because it doesn’t matter how well SPY24 performs or what features it offers, unless it is compatible with your target device, there is no point. 

Because Android phones account for the vast majority of cell phone users, let’s look at which Android versions are compatible with SPY24. 

Every Android phone running version 4 or higher is compatible with SPY24, which means that virtually every smartphone is

Speaking specifically about jailbroken iOS devices, if the target iPhone is running on version 7-9.1, then the target iPhone should be running on version 7-9.1. It is also worth noting that if the target phone has not been jailbroken, it will be compatible with SPY24 regardless of the operating system it is running on. 

Installing and Configuring SPY24 on the Target Device 

Once you’ve gone through the compatibility section, you’ll know whether or not the app will work on your device. So, if you have an Android phone that is compatible with SPY24, here’s how to get it installed. 

Configuration on your/your parent’s device 

1. Go to the official SPY24 website and click on the “Try Now” button that you will see at the top of the screen. 

Take a look at SPY24. 

Alternatively, you can try out the SPY24 free demo, which will give you a better understanding of how SPY24 works before creating your account. 

2. This will take you to a page where you must create an SPY24 account by entering your email address and then clicking “TRY NOW” to continue.

3. On the following page, select the device type of your lover’s or child’s phone, which can be either iOS or Android. 

Choose a platform to work on.

4. It is now time to purchase SPY24’s services by selecting a plan and making a payment. 

5. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email from SPY24 with a password for your account. Make a note of your password in case you need to log into your account again later. Because the password that is generated is not something that is easy to remember, it is not recommended. 

Login to SPY24.

6. Once the payment has been completed, you will be directed to a page where you must complete the remaining steps in the app’s setup. You must fill in the blanks with the necessary information about the intended recipient before pressing the “PROCEED” button. 

The registration code for your account will be displayed at the top of the page. Make a note of this code because it will be required when configuring the target phone. 

specifics of the device.

You must then choose which model of device you want to use as a target in the following step. The device’s model number should appear in the drop-down menu; if it does not, choose another model number from the list to proceed. 

model of the device to be selected.

It is now time to set up the app on your partner’s phone. Once you have completed this, your device is ready. 

Create a SPY24 account by clicking here. 

Instructions on How to Install SPY24 on a Target Device 

You must physically possess the target phone in order to begin the process of setting up the app on it. Once you have your cell phone in your possession, you should follow the steps outlined below. 

Disabling the Play Protect feature 

It is necessary to disable the Play Protect option on the device before downloading the SPY24 application. Because SPY24 is not a typical Play Store application, Play Protect will warn you that the app is potentially harmful. However, there is no need to be concerned because using SPY24 is completely safe. 

It is important to note that you only need to disable Play Protect if the target phone is running Android 7 or an earlier version. On Android 8 or higher, the option to disable Play Protect appears during the installation of the app itself, so you don’t have to do anything else before you start using it. 

1. Navigate to the Google Play Store and select the “hamburger icon” in the upper-left corner. 

2. From among the various options available, select the Play Protect option from the list. 

3. Next, select the gear icon from the drop-down menu. 

4. In the Play Protect menu, toggle off the Scan apps with the Play Protect option.

Following the completion of the deactivation of Play Protect, it is time to begin the installation process. 

SPY24 is being installed. 

To download and install SPY24, you must first open any web browser and navigate to b55y.net/a. This will take you to the SPY24 installation page, where you will need to complete the captcha and then click on Download to begin the installation process. 

SPY24 can be downloaded for free. 

2. After the app has been downloaded, it is time to install it on your teen’s phone. 

download and install the application.

3. To proceed with the installation, you must enter the registration code that was provided to you after you completed the initial setup of your device. 

4. It is now necessary to grant SPY24 access to certain resources. These permissions include access to contacts, the ability to manage phone calls, the ability to view and manage phone call logs, the ability to locate oneself, the ability to view and manage photos and media, and the ability to send messages. 

granting access to SPY24.

5. After you’ve granted these permissions, it’s time to make some changes to your spouse’s phone’s settings, starting with the permission to monitor the target phone. 

Permission to keep an eye on things 

6. Now, by tapping on the OK button, you can enable message tracking. Similarly, by pressing the OK button, you can change the settings on the target phone to enable call recording and social media sharing. 

This will allow for the tracking of messages to be implemented.

7. In order to successfully monitor, you must first make the app undetectable by tapping OK and then changing the settings on the following page. When you do this, the app will operate in hidden mode. 

This prevents the uninstallation of a program.

Last but not least, modify the app’s settings so that it will not be uninstalled by accident. 

This prevents the uninstallation of an application.

With the completion of all of these steps, the target phone’s configuration is complete. Return to the SPY24 setup screen on your device and press the “PROCEED” button to complete the setup process. 

SPY24 iOS can be downloaded for free by clicking here (without jailbreak).

For iOS devices, you do not require physical access to the smartphone, as you do for Android devices, in order to monitor it. 

Simply enter your iCloud credentials and you’ll be ready to go. You can begin monitoring the device even before the target device has been installed with the monitoring app. 

But only if two-factor authentication is not enabled on the device is it as straightforward as it appears to be. Because, if two-factor authentication is enabled, you will only receive the code on the target device itself. Additionally, in order to begin monitoring the device, you would require the code. 

As a result of our personal experience, we recommend that you disable two-factor authentication on your website. because it could interfere with the device’s ability to be monitored efficiently. Having said that, according to the most recent iOS update, you will be unable to disable two-factor authentication if the target device is already using it. 

Your target device, whether it is an Android or an iOS device, will now be ready to be tracked. As a result, you can move on to the SPY24 dashboard and begin monitoring the device immediately. However, before you exit the setup page, you’ll be presented with an option to obtain the private key. 

On SPY24, you can use your own private key. 

a key that is kept confidential.

After you have entered the current SPY24 password, you will receive an email with your private key attached. And this key is used when you need to change your password to something you can remember rather than the default one. Simply download the key and save it somewhere safe on your computer for when the time comes that you will need it to reset your account password. In order to reset your password, you’ll need to upload the same private key file, and if you do so without it, all of the collected or tracked data on SPY24 will be encrypted. What’s more, you don’t want anything like this to happen, do you? 

SPY24’s Control Panel 

Take a look at the SPY24 dashboard first, before diving into the details of the features. It will provide you with a valuable insight into what you can track remotely and how simple it is to use the system. 


The SPY24 dashboard performs exactly as it should in all respects. It displays all of the pertinent information in a single location. This data includes information about the target device, such as the device’s model, battery life, and whether or not the device has internet connectivity enabled. 

It also displays a line graph representing the number of activities carried out under the browser history, GPS location, text messages, and WhatsApp categories. Other features include: 

Below the line graph, you’ll find three tabs displaying data from the “Most” category, which includes the most called contacts, the most texted contacts, and the most visited websites, respectively. 

Data from the recent past 

Finally, at the bottom of the dashboard, you can see the target phone’s most recent location, provided that the GPS function is enabled on the device. In order to get into more detail, you can expand all of the information that is provided on the dashboard as needed. 

Overall, the dashboard of SPY24 is extremely well-designed, providing you with a quick glance at all of the pertinent information. You can therefore go through the dashboard only if you don’t have much time and still get all the information you require. 

To view a live demo, please visit this page. 

SPY24 has the following characteristics: 

1. Maintain a record of all phone calls, contacts, and text messages.

The call log is one of the features of SPY24. 

Tracking phone calls, contacts, and messages is a feature that almost every Android and iPhone monitoring app has as standard. As a result, as soon as you connect the target device to the network, SPY24 begins recording all of the new data, including calls, contacts, and messages. 

It also shows you the data for these three things from the time when the device wasn’t being tracked, assuming that the data is still available on the target device in addition to the newly acquired information. 

This means that SPY24 can display the entire contents of the target device’s call logs, contacts, and message box. It is therefore possible to track some data for a longer period of time. 

SPY24 provides complete details in all three sections in order to provide you with the best monitoring experience possible. When viewing the calls section, for example, you can see whether the call was incoming or outgoing, the phone number that was used, the name of the contact, the duration of the call, as well as the date and time of the call. 

Additionally, in the Contacts section, you can view the names of the contacts along with all of the phone numbers associated with them in the same manner. 


All of the contacts will appear on the left-hand side of the screen in the Text Messages section. When you select a contact from the left-hand menu, all of the messages sent to that contact will appear on the right-hand side. With each message, the date and time stamp will be displayed alongside it as well. 

Examining the text messages received by SPY24 

Additionally, SPY24 has the capability of tracking messages that have been deleted from the target phone’s memory. However, this is not the case for call logs that are deleted within seconds of being received by the recipient. As a result, if your child, lover, or spouse deletes a call log immediately after hanging up, you may never find out who they were speaking with. 

3. Maintain a record of new photos and videos.

Following the activation of the tracking feature, SPY24 begins tracking all of the captured images and videos from that point forward. To be clear, it can only track a small number of older photos and videos, as well as any new photos and videos that are taken after the device has been configured with SPY24. This means that you won’t be able to access the entire phone gallery, which is a disappointment. 

It is still remarkable that you can see what kind of photos or videos have been captured on the target device, despite this limitation. 

tracking of photographs and videos.

Because the app isn’t that fast, don’t expect to receive your photos and videos in a matter of seconds. Before you can see the most recent photos and videos that have been received or created on the target device, you must wait a short period of time. 

It is possible to download all of the photos and videos, and if there are captions in your video, you can choose to enable them as well as download them. 

The speed with which the photos and videos on the target phone are synced to your SPY24 account is also dependent on whether you have chosen to sync them via cellular data or WiFi when setting up the spying device. The media will only be updated on your SPY24 account if the target device is connected to WiFi, which is the case if you choose WiFi as your connection type. However, you should only use WiFi to sync the media because if the target person discovers that the media is being synced through cellular data, they may become suspicious. 

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Networks

WLAN (Wi-Fi) network.

Addiction to the internet and cell phones has become unbearable for many people. But how often can you chastise your child for not spending enough time on the internet while encouraging them to engage in some physical activity instead? 

It would be preferable, wouldn’t it, if you had a remote control that could turn on and off the Wi-Fi that was being used for the internet connection? 

Here’s something a little different for you. SPY24 is equipped with a remote control that can be used to enable or disable the Wi-Fi connection used by the child, depending on your preferences. 

The Wi-Fi Logger feature will reveal the names of all of the Wi-Fi networks that the child phone connects to, as well as the date and time of the most recent connection. 

Additionally, by selecting the “Block” option next to the Wi-Fi name, you can prevent your teen from accessing that particular Wi-Fi connection. 

Aside from that, it also provides you with the location of the WiFi network by providing you with its longitude and latitude values. Knowing the locations of all of the WiFi networks in your area will allow you to determine where your child or lover spends the majority of his or her time. 

The use of a keylogger and keyword tracking software 

When enabled, this feature does exactly what it says on the tin: it tracks every keystroke made on the target device. For example, if your child searches for the keyword “John Wick 3 review” to determine whether or not the movie is worth seeing, you will see that same keyword appear in this section. As a result, you can keep track of every keyword that is being used across all apps. 

Tracking with the SPY24 keylogger 

In addition, you can see the date and time stamp for each keystroke you make. When it comes to finding out when a specific message was sent, SPY24’s Android Keylogger will assist you in finding the information you need. 

As time goes on, it will become more and more difficult to keep track of all of the keystrokes because the number of them will grow. For greater convenience, you can arrange the keystrokes according to the applications. 

As time goes on, it will become more and more difficult to keep track of all of the keystrokes because the number of them will grow. You can sort the keystrokes based on the apps that you use, i.e., you can choose specific apps to see keystrokes on them, to make it more convenient for you. 

the keystrokes of the selected applications.

Now, the story does not end here alone. With keyword tracking, you can also set rules for specific keywords to be followed. For example, there must be a specific keyword that you want to be notified about whenever the child uses it in any context. Assuming this is the case, all you need to do is provide the keyword in question along with the platform where you want to track it. 

Tracking keywords with SPY24 

For example, if you want to track a keyword on WhatsApp, you can choose that option. Afterwards, you can choose the rule “Notify to Email” to be notified via email whenever the keyword is encountered. After that, you’ll be the first to know whenever that keyword is used on the platform you’ve selected. 

Apps that have been downloaded and installed 

downloaded and installed applications on the phone.

Think your spouse is cheating on you by using dating apps like Tinder? Do you believe this is true? Installed Apps is a feature that displays a list of every single app that has been installed on the device in front of you. 

If you do manage to locate a dating app, you can easily block it with a single click on your computer. The speed with which the app responds to the instructions you provide is incredible. You press the block button, and the effect is immediate. Within a minute, the application is blocked. 

Geo-Fencing and Geographical Positioning System (GPS)

What if we told you that you could track the whereabouts of your loved ones using the smartphones they carry with them? If we didn’t, then allow us to inform you that if your phone’s GPS is enabled and you have a live internet connection, you will be able to track every location your lover has visited. 

Generally speaking, the location tracking system performs admirably well. However, there are times when the data is not updated quickly enough. And if you’re keeping track of your child in real time, not being able to see the latest updates can be frustrating. 

The GPS Locations feature of SPY24 automatically updates the list of visited locations under the LIST VIEW section of the program’s interface. As a result, you can always keep track of the places your spouse has visited. 

tracking a person’s whereabouts

By selecting the MAP VIEW option, you will be able to see where the target individual is currently located. 

The discussion of geofencing will now proceed to the next level. As a result, this is one of the most important characteristics of SPY24. What is the reason for this? It is quite common for parents to place geographical restrictions on their children’s activities. Moreover, because they are children, they will always make up stories about not breaking the rules. 

However, there’s no way you’ll be able to coax the truth out of them because, as you may be aware, today’s children are extremely adept at deception. 

As a result, by utilizing the Geo-Fencing feature on SPY24, you will be one step ahead of them in terms of intelligence. 

It is possible to set location restrictions on your child’s (target) device in two different ways using this feature. First, you can define a radius within which you want your children to be able to roam freely; this is referred to as the “allowed zone” in this context. And with the second option, you can define a radius around the area where you don’t want them to be able to go, which is referred to as the restricted zone. 

To create a geo fence 

It goes without saying that the app would not prevent them from visiting any location. You will, however, be notified via email each time they breach your confidence. You’ll also receive a notification when they leave or enter a geofenced zone through your SPY24 account itself. That’s reasonable, isn’t it? 

Your email address will be notified of a geofencing alert.

In the video below, you can learn everything you need to know about SPY24 location tracking and its Geo-fence feature. 

Use a screen recorder to keep track of social media activity. 

If a spy app does not allow you to monitor social media and instant messaging apps, it is effectively worthless to you. However, SPY24 does not fall into this category, which is a relief. 

Because of the app’s screenrecorder feature, it’s simple to keep tabs on all of the social media activity taking place on the target phone from a distance. 

The SPY24 is a screen-recording device. 

When your girlfriend or boyfriend logs into their Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Facebook account, Screenrecorder begins working in the background and taking screenshots of their cell phone from a distance. 

Soon, those photos will begin to appear on the SPY24 online portal, where you will be able to view them remotely. 

With each screenshot, the date and time stamp are also displayed, and it is also possible to download the screenshot in its entirety. 

SPY24 9 can be tried by clicking here. Browser History 

access to various websites.

We don’t have to tell you how important the internet is in the lives of teenagers. You already know. And when we talk about influence, we can refer to it in both positive and negative terms. 

However, unfortunately, the internet is primarily used for inappropriate purposes by teenagers. It is for this reason that it is necessary to keep track of the searches that the teen conducts on the internet. 

With the Browsing History feature of SPY24, you can keep track of all of the searches that have been conducted on the internet. Although the title of the search may not appear, the URL provided will allow you to see exactly what the child was watching at the time. It is also possible to see when the page was last visited and how many times it has been visited. 

Furthermore, if your child attempts to deceive you by browsing in incognito mode or by using a VPN, you will still be aware of all the websites visited in the incognito window if you are using SPY24. 

Websites should be blocked. 

Consider the following scenario: You discovered something in the browsing history that is inappropriate for the child’s age and has received a significant number of visits. 

The only way to solve this problem is to restrict access to those particular websites. With the Block Websites feature of SPY24, you can prevent those websites from being accessed. 

Providing a link to a website that you do not want your child to access is all that is required on your part. Having done so, and then pressing BLOCK, the problem will be solved. 

You can also block a specific WiFi network if you don’t want your children to connect to it. This is in addition to blocking websites. Additionally, you can block some applications and games that your child spends a significant amount of time playing. 

Device Administration (No. 11) 

Of course, if you are in charge of monitoring a device, it is critical that you are also in charge of managing it properly. 

As a workaround, you can access the device management page by clicking on the “your profile” option in the top right corner of your screen and then selecting the “Device Management” option. You will be able to change the device’s name as well as a few other details from this location. 

In addition, you can unbind or delete the target device from SPY24 from this screen, and you can add a new device from this screen only. 

Specifics on device administration 

It is also possible to sync the monitoring data using cellular data, WiFi, or a combination of the two methods directly from the device management settings themselves. 

SPY24 Price List

SPY24 offers three different pricing options: monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Prices for the monthly plan begin at $48.99 per month, while the yearly plan will cost you $11.99 per month. 

If you sign up for a 3-month or 12-month subscription, you will save a significant amount of money. 

SPY24’s plans for the future 

On the official SPY24 website, you can see the plans and get more information. 

Whether or not SPY24 is the best spy app, the final verdict is in. 

If you missed anything while reading the text content, you can watch our in-depth SPY24 review video to catch up. 

In the eyes of its users, SPY24 has established a solid reputation. And, more importantly, is it the best spying app available? Certainly not, in my opinion. There are a couple of flaws in the app that may irritate some users. That being said, as you have seen in this SPY24 review, SPY24 has a slew of cool spying features that can be used to efficiently track everything, or at least almost everything, on the target device. 

If, on the other hand, the target device is an iOS device, the “everything” statement is not applicable. because there are a plethora of excellent tracking options that are not compatible with iOS. 

All things considered, the SPY24 app is quite good, and you can use it with complete confidence without having to worry about its dependability. 

Check out the official website by clicking here. 

SPY24 Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It Risky To Use SPY24? 

Yes, using SPY24 on both Android and iOS devices is completely risk-free. The software doesn’t install any malicious software on your device, which means that both your device and all of the tracked information will be completely safe. 

Is the spy software SPY24 detectable? 

SPY24 operates in the background under the guise of the “Update Service.” As a result, it remains hidden, particularly if you have chosen not to keep the icon while installing the app on the target device. 

Is it possible to read deleted messages using Spy24? 

If the deleted messages were present on the target device for at least 2 minutes, you will be able to read them. If they are deleted before that time limit, the messages will no longer be able to be tracked. 

Is SPY24 a legal service? 

The use of the SPY24 app is completely legal as long as you are only tracking your child and not someone else without their knowledge or consent. 

Is it possible to track more than one device with SPY24? 

As of right now, SPY24 allows you to track only one device or account at a time. You can always replace the device by removing the one that is currently in use. 

What is the private key on SPY24 and how does it work? 

When you attempt to reset your SPY24 account password, you will be asked to provide your private key. By visiting your profile page, you can request that the private key be sent to the registered email address. 

Is it possible to change the SPY24 password?

Uploading your private key will be required if you want to reset the SPY24 password. Changing your password can be done by going to the profile page while logged in to your account. And if you’ve logged out, you’ll have to go to the login page and click on the “Forgot password” link. 

Is it necessary to root or jailbreak your device in order to use SPY24? 

In no way, shape, or form. It is not necessary to jailbreak or root your device in order for SPY24 to function properly. 

Is It Possible To Delete SPY24 From A Target Device? 

To uninstall SPY24 from the target device, you must go to the phone’s Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Update Service (or similar) and deactivate it. Then navigate to the Applications folder and uninstall the Update Service app. 

In SPY24, how do I remove the target device from the system? 

By navigating to the device management page, you will be able to delete the targeted device. By selecting the Profile option in the top right corner of the screen and then selecting the “Device Management” option, you can get to that page quickly and easily. On that page, you’ll see the currently linked device, and all you have to do to complete the task is click on the Unlink Device button to complete it. 

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Learn more about SPY24 by watching our nine-part video series. 



There are sufficient tracking options. 

The setup process is extremely simple and quick. 

It is not necessary to jailbreak or root your device. 

It works when the hidden mode is enabled. 

Take screenshots of your social media activities to keep track of them. 

Geofencing is a feature that is available. 


There is a limit of one device per account. 

Sometimes it takes an excessive amount of time for data to be updated. 

All of the existing photos and videos were not synced with the new ones.